Number 5, Winter 2018
    Diyar is a quarterly of Iranian local and regional studies published at the University of Toronto.

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    Welcome to Mohseni Foundation: the umbrella organization of Mohammad H. Mosheni Charitable Foundation and Mohseni Trust for Family and Friends.

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    Diyar is a quarterly of Iranian local and regional studies published at the University of Toronto.

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Mohseni Foundation

Mohammad H. Mohseni is proud to continue the traditions venerated and handed down by his grandfather and father, in strengthening the communities that have nurtured him and his extended family both in Canada and Iran.  We strive to increase the societal benefits achieved, by complementing the communities’ resources to accomplish together that which we may not be able to accomplish alone.  Through grants and partnerships, we endeavor to make a visible and positive difference. In order to achieve this goal, Mr. Mohseni has established two philanthropic organizations:

Mohammad H. Mohseni Charitable Foundation, with a focus on health and education, is registered through the Canada Revenue Agency to provide philanthropic support to eligible projects selected by the Foundation’s Board.

Mohseni Trust for Family and Friends, which is founded to serve as a connecting link for the descended of Haj Agha Mohsen-e Araki, and to support the Arak community.  Fully independent of the MHM Charitable Foundation, it supports worthy projects benefiting the members of the extended Mohseni families and preserving the family’s cultural heritage.

Quarterly Journal of Iranian local and regional studies


Diyar is a quarterly of Iranian local and regional studies published at the University of Toronto under the auspices of the Mohammad H. Mohseni Charitable Foundation. Diyar is devoted to the publication of provocative, well-documented, and peer-reviewed scholarly articles that challenge conventional narratives and articulate new concepts, methods, and analyses for local studies.

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Mohseni Foundation

Established and chaired by Mr. Mohammad Mohseni, the Mohseni Trust for Family and Friends and the Mohammad H. Mohseni Charitable Foundation support schools, advanced education, hospitals and healthcare in communities with which Mr. Mohseni has been connected. Most of the Charitable Foundation’s work is in Canada whereas much of the Trust’s work is focused in […]

University of British Columbia and Vancouver General Hospital Recognize Mohseni Foundation Glaucoma Fellowship

Mr. Mohammad Mohseni together with Dr. Frederick Mikelberg, Vice-Dean Of UBC’s Faculty of Medicine and former Head of the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences. Mr. Mohammad Mohseni together with Dr. Kulbir Gill, the 2013-2014 Mohseni Foundation Glaucoma Fellow at UBC

Letters of


Hi Adrian,
This is Magdalena Ulici. I just want to say a big thank you one more time for the wonderful Award Ceremony dinner and evening and, again, please give my sincere thanks, best wishes, success and prosperity to the donor of my scholarship award, Mr. Mohamed Mohseni. I will send a more “official” thank you letter in the mail this week, but meanwhile just wanted to say HI, and keep in touch as promised.
It was a real pleasure meeting you and definitely a memorable evening.
Have a wonderful week,

Dear Mr Mohseni,
As my one-year Glaucoma Fellowship comes to an end and I prepare to head back to the United States to take up my clinical practice, I offer my heartfelt thanks to you and your family for making this opportunity available to me through the Mohseni Family Glaucoma Fellowship. This has been a truly enriching experience and I know that what I gained from being part of the VGH Eye Care team has been invaluable.
An exceptional VGH team combined with an excellent teaching experience has enabled me to develop skills that I will now be able to apply to my specialty practice looking after glaucoma patients. There is also the “international” experience your fellowship afforded me. I see this as having given me a broader perspective with the ability to see things in a different light. And of course there was the added benefit of being able to live the past 12 months in one of the most amazing cities in the world, which only enhanced my overall experience!
Mr. Mohseni, this has been a really wonderful opportunity and experience and I have you to thank for making it available to me through the Mohseni Fellowship. Thank you so very much for your vision, your generosity and your kindness.

Mohseni Foundation