TWO NATANZ? The One I Adore Is..Real!

| Professor of Chemistry, Pace University, New York

1 January 2016 New York – Natanz is the name of the ancient tranquil township that has been excessively abused by the Western and U.S. media in the past decade, since they have primarily called it to decry the boisterous nuclear enrichment and Research & Development facility located in Deh Zireh, a dusty sleepy oasis on the hillside of the […]

“I am not in the habit of accepting black (copper) money!


Sultanabad, May 25th. We have left pleasant Kouderood, and have again descended to the same scorching atmosphere as before. This town is placed as usual in a plain bounded by hills; but in this instance the plain was fertile, covered with cornfields nearly ready for the sickle. The town looks more thriving than customary, owing, perhaps, to its […]